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Subaqua offer BWT CAT 13.95
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BWT CAT 13.95
Overall lenght: 
13.95 m
Length at waterline: 
11.25 m
94 + 4
Maximum beam: 
7,40 m
Full load Draft: 
0,87 m
Overall lenght: 
13.95 m
Full load displacement: 
32 t
2 x engi. 24 kW s-Drive
BWT CAT ARUBA 13.95 is a catamaran boat in fiberblass, on three levels

1° LEVEL: The two lateral hulls are fit for submarine sea-watching and use as restaurant, with tables in transparent material, marine style seats and furniture with wood and brass finish. All the 2-seat-tables (for a total of 48 seats) offer the underwater sea-view. A central corridor runs in-between.

2° LEVEL: The central room on the second floor is intended as reception area. Here further seats are located, a bar, the kitchen and the toilet. The helm house at bow; astern two wide stairs lead to the flying bridge. Laterally astern the passengers may bathe from two specially equipped areas. Passengers on this level may also enjoy a submarine view by leaning on the handrail that runs along the hall.

3° LEVEL: flying bridge. Fit for sunbathing or even as dancing area.The collective rescue equipment is located along the sides. A service teable. Navigation lights are fitten on a special roll-bar

Boat can be equipped with auxiliary el. motors or electro-solar motors with photovoltaic plant

  • All the walking areas are covered with antiskid material.
  • The outer sides of the boat are provided with handrails and antiskid for the crew and passengers’ safety.
  • The bilge pumps are located in special housings, in the engine room and in the semi-submerged hulls.
  • Passengers board from bow laterally or frontally.
  • Motorization consists of two Diesel engines, 24 kW each, propulsion S-Drive.
  • The underwater sea-view is granted by wide completely submerged windows, lined along the lateral hulls. A 24-Xenon-lamp lighting plant makes the sea-watching possible at night.
  • The boat can be provided with air conditioning and/or heating in an enclosed version
  • intercom - stereo plant can be supplied on request
  • The boat complies with the anti-pollution requirements.
  • double-lever hydraulic steering unit
  • electronics for engine and tank control (fuel and water)
  • electrical plant switchboard
  • intercom and stereo plant
  • closed circuit TV surveillance (monitor in the cabin + 4 videocameras)
  • drinkable water tanks - 500 liters
  • grey and black water tanks - 800 liters
  • water pump
  • mooring cleats at stern and at bow
  • electric anchor winch
  • 16 200-Amp batteries for engines and 12-V electrical plant
  • power generator for facilities, restaurant and other
  • one battery-charger for dock connection
  • 100 individual life vests
  • 8 collective rescue means (12-people each)
  • antifire plant according to regulations + external fire extinguishers
  • two boat hooks
  • smoke and light signals
  • two dan buoys
  • one horn
  • 6 bilge pumps
  • night navigation lights composed of: 1 red light, 1 green light, 2 white lights and two depth lights
  • lighting plant for night sea-watching consisting of 24 Xenon lamps
  • two ladder for bathing
  • toilets (2 + 1 disabled)
  • multi-coloured electronic decorative lights
  • application of antifouling paint

-The motorization has been specifically planned to grant the maximum manoeuvrability and safety: two-24 kW Vetus engines with Lombardini S-drive are located in the central tunnel close to the two hulls. This assures from one side that the propellers always gets water with no turbulence, and from the other that they do not jut out under the draft line of the hulls.

-The rudders are located behind the propellers, so that they take advantage from the propeller flux that gives extreme sensitivity.

-Speed under optimal condition is 6/7 knots. This considering calm waters and favourable sea condition.

-In case long distances must be covered and/or major speed is required, other solutions are possible: two-60 kW engines (for a whole of 120 kW) with S-drive for a speed up to 8 knots; or two Sterndrives * 120 kW (for a whole of 240 kW) for a speed of 10 knots (cruising speed).

-As an optional a double motorization is available: a further electrical motorizations is added, consisting of 2 * 2,2 kW Vetus motors with additional propellers (speed 1-2 knots)

  • heating for winter use
  • further electronics for navigation – upon request
  • tender
  • closed version with air conditioning
  • auxiliary electric motors
  • auxiliary solar electric motors with photovoltaic plant

The boat may be delivered disassembled in parts and carried on trucks or containers. The assembling at destination is carried out by the staff of the shipyard. Suitable lifting cranes shall be made available at destination.

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